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Bandwidth Management of WiMAX Systems and Performance Modeling  




Yue Li, Jianhua He and Weixi Xing, Non-members

  Abstract  |  PDF (240 Kbytes)      


Grid-Based Key Pre-Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks  




Abedelaziz Mohaisen, DaeHun Nyang, YoungJae Maeng, KyungHee Lee and Dowon Hong

  Abstract  |  PDF (174 Kbytes)      


Attacking and Repairing the Improved ModOnions Protocol-Tagging Approach  




Nikita Borisov, Marek Klonowski, Mirosaw Kutyowski and Anna Lauks-Dutka

  Abstract  |  PDF (449 Kbytes)      


Advances in Cyber-Physical Systems Research  




Jiafu Wan, Hehua Yan, Hui Suo and Fang Li

  Abstract  |  PDF (813 Kbytes)      


A Survey on Security Issues of M2M Communications in Cyber-Physical Systems  




Dong Chen and Guiran Chang

  Abstract  |  PDF (442 Kbytes)      


A Survey on Transport Protocols for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks  




Daniel G. Costa and Luiz Affonso Guedes

  Abstract  |  PDF (827 Kbytes)      


Machine-to-Machine Communications: Architectures, Standards and Applications  




Min Chen, Jiafu Wan and Fang Li

  Abstract  |  PDF (815 Kbytes)      


Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications in Vehicular Networks  




M.J. Booysen, J.S. Gilmore, S. Zeadally and G.J.van Rooyen

  Abstract  |  PDF (597 Kbytes)      


MediaCloud: A New Paradigm of Multimedia Computing  




Wen Hui, Chuang Lin and Yang Yang

  Abstract  |  PDF (679 Kbytes)      


Spectrum Sharing Method for Cognitive Radio in TV White Spaces: Enhancing Spectrum Sensing and Geolocation Database  




Walid A. Hassan, Han Shin Jo, Maziar Nekovee, Chee Yen Leow and Tharek Abd Rahman

  Abstract  |  PDF (1038 Kbytes)      


User-Oriented Energy- and Spectral- Efficiency Tradeoff for Wireless Networks  




Yueying Zhang, Hang Long, Yuexing Peng, Kan Zheng and Wenbo Wang

  Abstract  |  PDF (970 Kbytes)      


New Eye Tracking Method as a Smartphone Interface  




Eui Chul Lee and Min Woo Park

  Abstract  |  PDF (834 Kbytes)      


Energy-aware Management in Wireless Body Area Network System  




Xu Zhang, Ying Xia, Shiyan Luo

  Abstract  |  PDF (997 Kbytes)      


Cooperative spectrum leasing using parallel communication of secondary users  




Ping Xie, Lihua Li, Junlong Zhu, Jin Jin, and Yijing Liu

  Abstract  |  PDF (737 Kbytes)      





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